11 interesting Pune Food Blogs that can make you drool through your screen

1. Pune Bhukkad – Desert Pune food blogs for you

With a name so catchy it’s hard not to notice. The Pune bhukkad is here to please the bhukkad in all of us. Being a primarily desert based Pune food blog on Instagram, you can expect a LOT of sweet stuff. 카지노사이트

There’s frappes, pancakes, milkshakes, gulab jamuns and a lot lot more. And of course there’s a sprinkle of nom dessert items spread around here and there.

2. Tasty Pune

Can someone really blame Pune for being so tasty? Perhaps even a little too tasty. Nevertheless Tasty Pune another one of Pune food blogs here to prove just that. Their Instagram feed will get you plenty of delightful treats all year round. A little something for everyone’s palette.

3. Pune food blogger

Pune is quite a vast city. Both in size and food assortments. So it’s inevitable that one can get quite lost. After all, which restaurant do you try? In fact, it’s hard to even begin. But fear not, the Pune food blogger is here to serve.

These guys check out pretty much every restaurant in Pune and only suggest the best for you. Now you’ll never run out of choices again. If you want one of those Pune food blogs that have a tonne of great content, then it’s right here.

4. Sonalcious

A Punjabi by birth, Sonia began her professional life as a science and math teacher. But now she has found her passion in baking. She learned all about it through books, YouTube videos and friends.

She spreads awareness and tips on healthy baking and is planning on travelling, conducting more workshops – helping people start the practice at home.  

If baking is also your forte, then give her Pune food blog Sonlicious a try.

5.  Allthingsgud

A doctor by profession, Sania is a writer through and through and is now settled in Pune. Her blog has it all, from fashion to food, travelling to events, and of course – recipes.

Her blog allthingsgud is a must try for any adventurous food lover. You can also check out her interview here. This list on Pune food blogs is far from over. Read on. 바카라사이트

6. Lobster Pasta Lady

“Currently feeding my soul and celebrating ‘food as an emotion’” –   that pretty much sums up Lobster Pasta Lady for you! Aliya Nada Saifi aka Lobster Pasta Lady, is a passionate food blogger based in Pune. She frequently blogs, rants and reviews all kinds of things she eats and restaurants she visits in Pune.

Be sure to give her props for the creative name.

7. The Cook’s cottage

Jyostna Sahane with her blog The Cook’s Cottage is here to share her knowledge about food and all kinds of food events in Pune. The pictures accompanying her posts are really well shot as well.

This is a blog where you can get any and every detail about a restaurant or recipe that you want. Don’t forget to bookmark it. You can also connect with her on twitter.  온라인카지노


8. Food Lyrics

Another native food blogger, Deepa Godbole, writes about her passion of food on Food Lyrics.

She has a great passion in experimenting with food such as Soya Chunks Biryani and Chikoo Ice Cream and hopes to share them with everyone out there. Her recipes may sound intimidating, but are super easy to make and detailed to help you in each step of your cooking process. This is one of those Pune food blogs that you just can’t get enough of.

9. FitfoodieMegha

If there are two things Megha loves –  travel and food. The latter being what her blog is mostly about. Her food blog FitFoodieMegha reviews food – be it street food, from restaurants, or from the hotels she visits.

Through her blog, you can find the best restaurants to visit along with their specialities if you are visiting Pune. She’s also more than happy to receive feedback the stuff she posts.

10. Dumbells and Drama

If food and fitness is your passion then you can’t go wrong with Dumbbells and Drama.

She explains it as being “on a journey to achieve culinary nirvana” – who isn’t? Weaving beautiful words with even better photographs, Dumbbells and Drama is a blog that has the best of both worlds. Food and better fitness !

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