President’s Notes: Flexible Learning is our manifestation of hope

Visayas State University is one with the Commission on Higher Education, under the leadership of Chairperson Dr. J. Prospero E. De Vera III, in its efforts and vision on flexible learning.카지노사이트

Flexible learning, in its current form, is a response to a global pandemic, where traditional face-to-face classes and activities are impossible to hold. We understand that it has its limitations and that our resources, technologies, and systems can only do so much.

At VSU, we have tried to provide our best service to all Viscans. We have conducted surveys to understand the situations of our students, as well as our teaching staff. We designed an elaborate system to produce, organize, and deliver high-quality instructional materials right at the doorsteps of our students. And we have developed our very own e-learning portal for those who can go online.

But we believe that we can do more. When Chair De Vera said that the Commission sees flexible learning as the way forward, for us it was a call to rethink our educational system to make it as inclusive as ever. We believe it meant that anybody can study and learn however they want, whether in the classroom or at home, at their own pace, designed for their own unique situations—no longer in response to an emergency, but in anticipation of how the learning experience is changing in the 21st century.

For us, it means a Viscan can choose to come to the classroom face-to-face or just be online or be wherever they can be, 바카라사이트 and still get quality higher education that VSU is known for.

In fact, CHED has invested in us to develop Smart Campuses out of our state universities. At VSU, we will soon be developing a model smart classroom, one where a teacher can hold a mix of face-to-face and virtual classes using the newest educational technologies that support such interactions. If we succeed, we will replicate it to our colleges and campuses.

Such will be the “flexible learning” of the future.

But in the meantime, while the threat of COVID-19 is still in our midst, flexible learning is our manifestation of hope and our collective effort to keep on, until we see each other again.

Viscans can rest assured that VSU will continue to listen and take action to make the most of our difficult situation, because that’s who we are—a Very Supportive University. 온라인카지

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